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Enhance research with 200M+ resources and built-in critical reading skills. Access Google Scholar, PubMed, JSTOR, Arxiv, and more, effortlessly.

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Created at November 15 2023, Updated at July 19 2024

Who Can Use Scholar GPT?

Scholar GPT is an invaluable resource for a wide range of users, catering to both individuals and professionals across various fields. This tool is particularly beneficial for:

  • Researchers and Academics: Streamline the research process by accessing a vast database of scholarly articles and papers.
  • Students: Enhance academic performance by finding reliable sources for essays, theses, and dissertations.
  • Educators: Facilitate curriculum development and stay updated with the latest research in their field.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Access up-to-date medical research and clinical studies through PubMed and other databases.
  • Scientists and Engineers: Stay abreast of the latest technological advancements and scientific discoveries.

What Does Scholar GPT Do?

Scholar GPT is designed to revolutionize the way users conduct research. Its primary aim is to provide easy access to a wealth of scholarly resources and enhance critical reading skills. With Scholar GPT, users can:

  • Access Over 200 Million Resources: Effortlessly find relevant research papers and articles from Google Scholar, PubMed, JSTOR, Arxiv, and more.
  • Analyze Research Papers: Provide links to research papers for detailed analysis.
  • Critically Read Uploaded PDFs: Upload PDF papers and utilize built-in critical reading skills to extract key information and insights.
  • Find the Latest Research: Quickly locate the most recent studies and publications on various topics, such as AI.

How to Use Scholar GPT

Using Scholar GPT is simple and intuitive. Follow these steps to make the most of its features:

  1. Access the GPT: Go to and select Scholar GPT.
  2. Choose a Prompt Starter: Select a prompt starter that aligns with your research needs, such as "Find the latest research about AI" or "I'll provide a research paper link; Please analyze it."
  3. Input Your Query: Enter your research topic or provide the link to the research paper you want to analyze.
  4. Upload a PDF: If you have a PDF paper, upload it and instruct the GPT to use its critical reading skills.
  5. List Critical Reading Skills: Type "LS" to see a list of the built-in critical reading skills available for use.
  6. Review and Utilize Findings: Analyze the outputs provided by Scholar GPT to enhance your research, write papers, or develop your academic work.

Key Features of Scholar GPT

Scholar GPT offers several standout features that make it an essential tool for anyone involved in research:

  • Extensive Database Access: Over 200 million resources from Google Scholar, PubMed, JSTOR, Arxiv, and more.
    • Advantage: Provides a comprehensive repository of scholarly materials, ensuring users can find relevant and credible sources.
  • Built-In Critical Reading Skills: Advanced tools to critically analyze and interpret research papers.
    • Advantage: Helps users to understand complex materials and extract essential information efficiently.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface and straightforward prompt starters.
    • Advantage: Makes research accessible to users of all levels, from students to seasoned academics.
  • Latest Research Updates: Ability to find the most recent studies and publications.
    • Advantage: Keeps users up-to-date with the latest advancements in their field.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various fields, including healthcare, science, technology, and education.
    • Advantage: Meets the diverse research needs of different professional and academic disciplines.

Prompt Starters

  • Find the latest research about AI
  • I'll provide a research paper link; Please analyze it
  • I will upload a PDF paper; Use critical skills to read it
  • Type "LS" to list my built-in critical reading skills
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